Chamber Furnaces with Brick Insulation or Fiber Insulation

LH 60/12 with manual lift door and gas supply box for non-flammable protective or reactive gases Chamber furnace LH 216/12SW with scale to measure weight reduction during annealing

LH 120/12S with inner process box made of quartz glass

Cooling fan in combination with motor-driven exhaust air flap to reduce cooling time

LH 15/12 - LF 120/14

The chamber furnaces LH 15/12 - LF 120/14 have been trusted for many years as professional chamber furnaces for the laboratory. These furnaces are available with either a robust insulation of light refractory bricks (LH models) or with a combination insulation of refractory bricks in the corners and low heat storage, quickly cooling fiber material (LF models). With a wide variety of optional equipment, these chamber furnaces can be optimally adapted to your processes.

  • Tmax 1200 °C, 1300 °C, or 1400 °C
  • Five-sided heating for very good temperature uniformity
  • Heating elements on support tubes ensure free heat radiation and a long service life
  • Protection of bottom heating and flat stacking surface provided by embedded SiC plate in the floor
  • LH models: multi-layered, fiber-free insulation of light refractory bricks and special backup insulation
  • LF models: high-quality non-classified fiber insulation with corner bricks for shorter heating and cooling times
  • Door with brick-on-brick seal, hand fitted
  • Short heating times due to high installed power
  • Side vent with bypass connection for exhaust pipe
  • Self-supporting arch for high stability and greatest possible protection against dust
  • Quick lock on door
  • Freely adjustable air slide intake in furnace floor
  • Base included
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions

Additional equipment

  • Parallel swinging door, pivots away from operator, for opening when hot
  • Lift door with electro-mechanic linear drive
  • Separate wall-mounting or floor standing cabinet for switchgear
  • Motor-driven exhaust air flap
  • Cooling fan for shorter cycle times
  • Protective gas connection to purge with non-flammable protective or reaction gases
  • Inner process box made of quartz glass for very clean atmosphere, quartz glass covered door with lid function
  • Manual or automatic gas supply system
  • Scale to measure weight reduction during annealing
ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeOuter dimensions in mmConnectedElectricalWeight
 °Cwdhin lWDHload kWconnection*in kg
LH 15/1212002502502501557079011705.03-phase1150
LH 30/1212003203203203064086012407.03-phase1170
LH 60/12120040040040060720101013208.03-phase260
LH 120/1212005005005001208201110142012.03-phase340
LH 216/1212006006006002169001210153020.03-phase400
LH 15/1313002502502501557079011707.03-phase1150
LH 30/1313003203203203064086012408.03-phase1170
LH 60/131300400400400607201010132011.03-phase260
LH 120/1313005005005001208201110142015.03-phase340
LH 216/1313006006006002169001210153022.03-phase400
LH 15/1414002502502501557079011708.03-phase1150
LH 30/14140032032032030640860124010.03-phase1170
LH 60/141400400400400607201010132012.03-phase260
LH 120/1414005005005001208201110142018.03-phase340
LH 216/1414006006006002169001210153026.03-phase400
LF 15/1313002502502501557079011707.03-phase1130
LF 30/1313003203203203064086012408.03-phase1150
LF 60/131300400400400607201010132011.03-phase230
LF 120/1313005005005001208201110142015.03-phase300
LF 15/1414002502502501557079011708.03-phase1130
LF 30/14140032032032030640860124010.03-phase1150
LF 60/141400400400400607201010132012.03-phase230
LF 120/1414005005005001208201110142018.03-phase300
1Heating only between two phases *Please see page 60 for more information about supply voltage