Protective Gas Boxes with Hinged Lids for Bulk Goods for Models N 7 - N 81

Protective gas box with hinged lid

Working with Protective Gas Boxes with Hinged Lid for Protective Gas Atmosphere

When simultaneously heat treating small amounts of bulk material or several small parts using protective gas and afterwards quenching the bulk material or small parts in oil or water, we recommend to use protective gas boxes with a hinged lid. Boxes with an angled hinged lid on the front are equipped with a protective gas line on the rear wall. The supply line is run through the upper furnace collar. After preflushing the box accordingly with protective gases such as argon, nitrogen or forming gas 95/5 (for details see page 15) the box is placed with hinged lid first into the furnace. Due to a slight overpressure within the box the protective gas is vented off through the hinged lid. After the heat treatment the box is taken out of the furnace and the charge is poured into quenching bath directly out of the box. By placing the box at an angle the hinged lid opens by itself. While removing the workpieces the surface oxidation is not influenced by the short contact with ambient air.

  • Tmax 1100 °C
  • Protective gas box with hinged lid and hinges and protective gas inlet through the upper furnace collar
  • Lid remains closed through its own weight
  • Gas connection with quick-release coupling and 3/8 inch hose connection
  • With manipulating fork
  • Heat-resistant alloy 314 (AISI)/(DIN material no. 1.4841)
  • Charge thermocouple type K

Additional Equipment

  • Starting with model N 31/H, with a charging trolley
  • Digital temperature display
  • Protective gas systems
Article no.FurnaceInner dimensions in mmExterior dimensions in mmPreflush/cooling rateProcess flush rate
631000569N 7174179742102309415 - 205 - 8
631000570N 7/H194179742302309415 - 20 5 - 8
631000571N 11, N 11/R1742659421031611415 - 20 5 - 8
631000572N 11/H, N 11/HR1942659423031611415 - 205 - 8
631000573N 17, N 17/R1744059421045611415 - 20 5 - 8
631000574N 17/H, N 17/HR1944059423045611415 - 205 - 8
631000575N 31/H14926511418531613420 - 25 10 - 15
Larger boxes and custom dimensions available upon request