Gas Feed Boxes with Hinged Lid for Models N 7 - N 81 which remain in the Furnace

Protective gas box with hinged lid for permanent operation

Probes heat treated in different processes

Working with Protective Gas Boxes with Hinged Lid in continuous Operation

We recommend the usage of protective gas boxes with hinged lids which remain in the furnace while repeatedly heat treating workpieces using protective gas. Boxes with an angled hinged lid on the front are flushed with protective gas via a protective gas line on the rear wall. For the protective gas supply the pipe goes through a bore on the rear wall of the furnace. The gas protection atmosphere which is polluted due to repeatedly opening or charging the boxes does not interfere most heat treatment processes. For charging, the box is opened in the furnace using a draw hook (page 22) and the workpieces are placed into the box. The box is continuously flushed with protective gas such as argon, nitrogen or forming gas 95/5. The box is closed by the hinged lid's own weight. Due to a slight overpressure within the box the protective gas is vented off through the hinged lid. After the heat treatment the box is opened using a draw hook and the workpieces are removed.

  • Tmax 1100 °C
  • Gas feed box with hinged lid and hinges and protective gas inlet through the rear wall of box and furnace
  • Lid remains closed through its own weight
  • Gas connection with quick-release coupling and 3/8“ hose connection
  • Heat-resistant alloy 314 (AISI)/(DIN material no. 1.4841)
  • Larger boxes and custom dimensions available upon request
  • Charge thermocouple type K

Additional Equipment

  • Digital temperature display
  • Gas feed systems
Article no.FurnaceInner dimensions in mmExterior dimensions in mmPreflush/cooling rateProcess flush rate
631000581N 7/H174179742102309415 - 205 - 8
631000582N 7/H194179742302309415 - 20 5 - 8
631000583N 11, N 11/R1742659421031611415 - 20 5 - 8
631000584N 11/H, N 11/HR1942659423031611415 - 205 - 8
631000585N 17, N 17/R1744059421045611415 - 20 5 - 8
631000586N 17/H, N 17/HR1944059423045611415 - 205 - 8
631000587N 31/H14926511418531613420 - 25 10 - 15
631000588N 31/H20926513424531615420 - 25 10 - 15
631000589N 41, N 41/H20926518424531620420 - 25 10 - 15
631000590N 41, N 41/H26440518430045620420 - 25 10 - 15
631000591N 61, N 61/H26465518430070620420 - 2510 - 15
631000592N 8138965518442570620420 - 2510 - 15
Larger boxes and custom dimensions available upon request