Fully Automatic Tempering Plant with Air Circulating Pit-Type Furnace S 1780/65 AS for Solution Annealing, Water Bath, Lift Conveyor and Pit-Type Furnace S 3180/26AS for Artificial Aging
 Fully automatic tempering plant for aluminum with 2 pit-type furnaces, water bath, and 6 parking places

Removal of the charge basket from solution annealing and transfer to water bath


PC interface for central furnace operation

This tempering plant is available for the tempering of aluminum parts with a quenching time of 30 seconds. All functional processes are fully automated. Both, the solution annealing and the artificial aging furnaces are designed as pit-type furnaces.

To save time, the conveyor unit picks-up the lid of the solution annealing furnace after solution annealing, along with the attached load basket and transports it to the water bath. The lid is then unlinked and conveyed back to the solution annealing furnace. After quenching, the basket is parked in a free spot.

The subsequent artificial aging process also takes place in a pit furnace. Due to the longer period needed for artificial aging, the artificial aging furnace is equipped for the introduction of two baskets, while the solution annealing furnace can only handle one.

The entire heat treatment, including all movements, is fully automated. The PLC controls handle all movement and locking processes. The plant automatically detects occupied parking spaces and furnaces and starts the programmed processes according to priority. Charge documentation takes place on an ongoing basis, that is, the loaded basket is documented from the time it is loaded into a parking place until removal after the end of the process.

Plant design

  • Pit-type furnace S 1780/65 AS for solution annealing of one basket, Tmax 650  °C, volume 1780 liters
  • Pit-type furnace S 3180/26 AS for artificial aging of two baskets, Tmax 260  °C, volume 3180 liters
  • Water bath with powerful circulation and heating, along with control of the water temperature
  • Linear lift conveyor for all movement processes
  • PLC controls with Nabertherm Control Center (NCC) for temperature regulation, control of all movements, and parallel batch documentation
  • 6 parking spots with automatic occupancy detection, loading with forklift
  • Safety fence around the entire plant