Automatic gas feed system for two flushing quantities

Automatic Gas Feed System for two different Flushing Quantities, e.g. high Volume Preflushing and low Volume for ongoing Operation

  • Switching system with 3-step switch for gas inlet Off/Manual/Automatic via "Extra" function of respective controller, timer for switching from large gas quantity to small gas quantity. Gas feed stops at when program quits
  • Automatic gas feed panel with pressure reducer, two adjustable flow meters and two solenoid valves, preinstalled conduit and wiring attached to furnace from the side on an assembly plate.
    • Connection: 3/8 inch hose connection
    • Exit: 3/8 inch hose connection
    • Max. 10 bar intake pressure, max. 300 mbar rear pressure
    • Incl. 5 m connection hose 3/8 inch
    • Available only in combination with furnace or switchgear
Article no.Type of gasFlow rate
631000316Ar4 - 80
631000200N24 - 80
631000315Forming gas 95/5 4 - 80